Second Grade

by Lavender's Blue Homeschool

Course description

Thank you for your interest in Lavender's Blue Second Grade!  All the information on this program can be found on the website here:

Lavender's Blue Homeschool
Lavender's Blue Homeschool

My goal is to help you have a beautiful, joyful Waldorf-inspired homeschool experience....with no overwhelm or burn-out included!  I can't wait to have you in our Lavender's Blue crew this year!  xo, Kelly

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Second Grade
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Block 1: Animal Legends
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Block 2: Place Value
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Block 3: Legends of the Saints
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Block 4: Clocks and Calendars
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Block 5: King of Ireland's Son
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Block 6: Aesop's Fables
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Block 7: Times Table Geometry
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Block 8: Trickster Tales
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Second Grade Audio Files
You can listen to each audio file in your browser below. Download all Second Grade audio files here.
01 Come Follow Me
02 Morning Has Come
03 If you should ever go by chance (Lion)
04 Hop on right foot
05 The Lion Sleeps Tonight
06 Round the Jungle
07 If strolling forth, a beast you view (Leopard)
08 Or if some time when roaming (Tiger)
09 Tiger, Tiger
10 If when you're walking round your yard (Bear)
11 Though to distinguish beasts of prey (Crocodile)
12 The true chameleon is small (Chameleon)
13 The Elephant
14 Shadows Go Round
15 For rosy apples, juicy plums
16 Rosy Apple, Mellow Pear
17 Shake Shake the Apple Tree
18 Up I stretch on tippy-toes
19 Intry mintry cutry corn
20 In the autumn afternoon
21 I've Got Peace Like a River
22 Wild Goose Flight
23 In the autumn evening
24 A wise old owl
25 The sunlight fast is dwindling
26 This Little Light of Mine
27 Whether the weather be fine
28 I'm a Tall, Tall Tree
29 Winter is slippy, drippy, nippy
30 Thirty days hath September
31 On Monday I will leap up high
32 There Once Was A Mother
33 There once were two cats of Kilkenny
34 The Bog Down in the Valley-O
35 To and fro, to and fro
36 My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
37 Wind, wind, roam
38 Skye Boat Song
39 May the Road Rise Up to Meet You
40 I Had a Cat
41 Three Blind Mice
42 This is the house that Jack built
43 I Know an Old Woman
44 Early One Morning
45 I like to watch the merry creek
46 Row Your Boat
47 I spy little crabs...
48 Underneath the water-weeds
49 Ducks in the Millpond
50 It's wiggly-wriggly-worm come up on top
51 Cuckoo
52 Lady Spring Is Here
53 Looby-Loo
54 Nonsense verses set 1
55 Cock-A-Doodle-Doo
56 Nonsense verses set 2
57 Hey Diddle Diddle
58 Calico pie, the little birds fly
59 I Gave My Love a Cherry
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