First Grade

by Lavender's Blue Homeschool

Course description

Thank you for your interest in Lavender's Blue First Grade!  All the information on this program can be found on the website here:

Lavender's Blue Homeschool
Lavender's Blue Homeschool

My goal is to help you have a beautiful, joyful Waldorf-inspired homeschool experience....with no overwhelm or burn-out included!  I can't wait to have you in our Lavender's Blue crew this year!  xo, Kelly

Course Curriculum

First Grade
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First Grade Audio Files
You can listen to each audio file in your browser below. Download all First Grade audio files here.
1 Yellow the bracken
2 Up in the green orchard
3 Here we go round the mulberry bush
4 Come little leaves
5 When Mary goes walking
6 Scarlet and yellow, golden and brown
7 Come away said the river
8 Slip one and two
9 Two squirrels did run around a tree
10 The north wind came along
11 Let us dance and let us sing
12 Clap up and down
13 Round and round the earth is turning
14 In the winter garden
15 'Tis a gift to be simple
16 The Northwind Doth Blow
17 Now that King Winter has come to stay
18 The Snow Fell Softly
19 Up snowy hillsides
20 Jingle Bells
21 Rise with the morning
22 A little brown bulb
23 Spring Is Coming
24 White coral bells
25 Mother Nature is waking
26 It's Spring
27 Silver Raindrops
28 A farmer once planted
29 Please Show Me How to Turn the Earth
30 Mary Mary Quite Contrary
30 Mistress Mary Quite Contrary (verse)
31 Jack be nimble
32 Lucy Locket lost her pocket
33 Peter Peter pumpkin eater
34 Oh what a joy is the morning sun
35 Sleep dragon sleep
36 Strange family verse
37 One is the sun
38 The key of the kingdom
39 Pease Porridge Hot
40 Lavender's Blue
41 Doctor Foster
42 Sing a Song of Sixpence
43 Autumn is a merry fellow
44 Crack crack the rock we hack
45 Little gnomes so short and strong
46 Ten little dicky-birds
47 Chook chook
48 Dancing on the shore
49 With clang and clash in caverns cold
50 Pussy cat (song)
50 Pussy cat (verse)
51 Jack and Jill
52 Hey diddle diddle
53 There was a crooked man
54 Simple simon
55 Hickory dickory dock
56 A violet
57 Snowdrops
58 Brave and true
59 This is my right hand
60 Five little kittens
61 A little garden flower
62 How many ways
63 Mother Earth
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