Fingerplay Video Library

by Lavender's Blue Homeschool

Course description

Fingerplays are a wonderful way to build language and fine motor skills in the early years through the early grades.

How can you include fingerplays in your day?

  • Add a fingerplay to your daily rhythm (for example, when you sit down for snack)
  • Add fingerplays to your circle time
  • Warm up the hands for handwork, modeling, recorder, or writing with a couple fingerplays
  • Use fingerplays when your child needs help to gather his attention and focus
  • Anytime, just for fun!

The easiest, quickest way to learn a fingerplay is to watch someone do it!  I recorded these fingerplay videos (31 total) so you can have a repertoire always at your fingertips.  

Please note these videos are intended for parent/teacher preparation, not for sharing with children (young children learn language skills best via interactions with people, not screens). I hope you enjoy them!

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Lavender's Blue Homeschool

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